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Smarter, shorter, technology decision cycles

Recco is an enterprise application consultancy

We help companies make the right technology investments and realize more value from them. Our unbiased recommendations are based on a clear understanding of your business goals and are designed to amplify your unique competitive advantages.

Seasoned Experts | Real-Life Insights | Unbiased Research | Prescriptive Guidance

Our Expertise

Our consultants bring unrivaled domain expertise in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. We are vendor-agnostic, with deep experience in all major platforms. Whether it is a strategic decision, an operational need, or an organizational challenge, our clients look to us for clear, honest, and actionable advice.

  • Enterprise Application Enablement
  • Staff Augmentation & Project Consulting
  • Program & Project Management
  • Research & Insights
  • Evaluation & Selection
  • Enterprise App Best Practices

Application Expertise

Vendor Insights

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CRM Northwest is now Recco Consulting


Our new name reflects our expanded service offering, which has grown from our initial CRM focus to include the broader application and platform market. Our ownership and management remain the same, as does our commitment to delivering insider expertise, unbiased advice, and actionable insights.