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Technology strategies that fuel business growth

Recco is an enterprise application consultancy

We work with medium to large enterprise clients across the globe. Our domain expertise and vendor depth includes Sales Automation, Configure Price Quote, Customer Engagement, Virtual Agents, Field Service, eCommerce, Headless Commerce, Marketing Automation, Customer Data Platforms, Financial Management, Asset Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Low-Code Platforms, Business Process Automation, and Robotic Process Automation. But we’re also seasoned business leaders.

Our consultants bring years of insider expertise and street-level experience with both vendors and clients. We understand how to align technology platforms to growth strategies and use them to amplify your competitive advantage. Our approach distills our knowledge and your needs into concise, prescriptive guidance, so you can simplify and shorten your decision cycles and ensure your technology is working hard to grow your business.

Company Overview

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Eric Pozil

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20 Years

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Recco = Reconnaissance
+ Recommendations

Our name reflects the key ways we add value to your business. We’re on the ground everyday with both vendors and clients, tapped into the real-world insights you don’t find in analyst reports. Our process is designed to facilitate action: we deliver focused, prescriptive guidance that will help you get more value from your applications and be more competitive in your market.

Why Recco

Our job is to empower you to act with confidence, not to tell you what you already know. We’ll help you cut through the complexity of the enterprise application marketplace and maximize your internal resources.

Seasoned Experts

Our consultants are experienced business leaders, not just analysts or tech people. They bring unrivaled domain knowledge across a range of industries and application platforms and a talent for sharing that knowledge in an efficient and effective way. They identify real issues and deliver real value.

Real-life Insights

We don’t just know what applications can do, we have “street-level” knowledge from both vendors and clients. We’ve seen the successes and road bumps that don’t show up in analyst reports. We know what’s possible, what works, and what makes sense for your business.

Unbiased Research

We are vendor agnostic, and our only goal is to give you the information you need to make the right decisions and understand the tradeoffs. Our recommendations are based on a clear understanding of your business goals and success metrics and are designed to help you turn your technology investments into market advantages.

Prescriptive Guidance

It’s not about what an application can do, it’s about what you should do with it. We have a proven, highly organized approach that distills our research and knowledge into concise, actionable guidance, so you can maximize your resources and move forward with confidence.